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    What is anyone using besides the built-in Sync module in Act! to sync with their visor?
    - I tried the built-in module and it automatically blew 1500 contact records down to my Deluxe. Took quite a while to clean that mess up.
    - It's a real pain to have to enter everything 2 times- once to Act! nd once to the Visor Desktop app.
    - what I want is something that will let me select which contacts I sync - and something to sync my calendar.
    - Any help would be appreciated.
    BTW - I'm in the process of upgrading to Act 2000 from 4.0 - so I'm looking for A2K compatibility.
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    I just bought Intellisync to sync my ACT 2000 and my visor. Seems to work quite well, includes a function called field mapping that allows you to choose what information you want to display. You can buy the older version at and get a free upgrade to the current version.
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    Before spending any money on Intellisync, you should look at TrueSync from Starfish Software, you can get it free from Yahoo. Here's what StarFish has to say about it and ACT! 2000...

    Does TrueSync support ACT! 2000? (Ref. #991102-0019)


    Is ACT ! 2000 supported in TrueSync?


    ACT ! 2000 has not been thoroughly tested with TrueSync. Preliminary testing, however, indicated that TrueSync is compatible with ACT ! 2000. In tests preformed by Starfish Tech Support, ACT ! 2000 data was synchronized properly by TrueSync.

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    I got an eval copy in Intellisync 3.5 - and had some interesting experiences with it. Since I already had both appointments and about 300 duplicates on my Visor Deluxe, it insisted on creating lots of duplicate appointments on both Act and DateBook - and 300+ sort of duplicate Contact entries in act!
    - A real bummer to clean up the Visor.
    - Luckily I was working with a backup copy of my Act! db - so I could simply blow it away! I stronglt recommend that anyone do their initial tests with a copy - not the promary - db!
    - Also encountered a number of total system lockups because of the duplicates - which necessitated a complete power re-cycle of my comupter, and an uninstall/re-install of the Is to get in working again (suspect some fort of DLL confusion).
    - Interestingly, IS Tech Support claimed that either my Act or Visor data was corrupt - although if I removed IS, I could use both and sync/backup/duplicate either without error.
    - To be fair, once I removed all appointments from the Visor - and tired to sync ONLY the datebook, it worked fine.
    - I've not got an eval of 3.6 (the latest) and will try that to see if the Contact sync works better.
    A WORD OF WARNING - if you've got duplicate entries on both the visor and Act!, expect some weird results. I'm guessing there is no duplicate checking, or at least an incomplete testing! You'd think that the program could recognize that "John Jones" of Phoenix and "John D. Jones" of Phoenix were the same person and not create 2 records!! Or at least query - as Act! does when duplicating dbs.
    - My impression after 3 days of testing - it'll probably ultimately work OK, but be prepared for unexpected results. It's not ***** proof! And the documentation provides no warnings of possible problems.

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