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    Hey board,

    so here's my issue... I have a POP server for my work email and a POP yahoo acct.

    I need my 650 to get "push" the email as quickly as possible, and have read extensively on the subject on the boards and see that the chatter imap client is prob the best solution.

    I have figured out how to get my fastmail acct to get my work and yahoo emails, but it seems it will only ck those servers at best, once every hour!

    Even if the 650 through chatter will pull instantly from the imap client, if fastmail is not even seeing emails on my pop server for an hour, then wont that be a delay?

    Can someone please explain something to me that I'm not getting???

    I really need this to work with my cingular 650. thanks
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    Instead of setting Fastmail to check your POP3 Emails from Hotmail and Yahoo, why don't you set Yahoo/Hotmail to forward these emails to Fastmail.

    I forwarded both my Gmail and Comcast emails to my Fastmail email account and it works like a charm!

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    You could also try, it will check every five minutes.
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    I am assuming that neither your work POP or Yahoo POP servers support IMAP? If they did, you would setup Chatter to access them directly. If not, you need to set both of them to forward their emails to Fastmail. When an email comes, it should forward it immediately to FastMail, and Chatter will see it as soon as it gets to FastMail.
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    Fusemail checks within a few minutes - my experience has been less than a minute typically. Works beautifully.
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    Make Yahoo forward your email to your fastmail account. If your yahoo account level allows POP access, it usually means that you can forward (as an alternative). That way every message will directly be sent to your fastmail account and Chatter will get it.

    This is exactly what I did.
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    I think the 'Enhanced' FM account will check more often than an hour. It's 'on-demand whenever you check your mail with IMAP' - whatever that means.
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    Thanks very much. The solution will be not to ask fastmail to ck, but to forward from my POP work account to fastmail.


    Further, does anyone recommend using one of the paid fastmail accounts?
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    If you have your set up working with then you really can't go wrong with them. They have excellent customer service (for paid accounts) and they offer more control over your e-mail and spam settings than any other e-mail service that I have tried. There are a couple of questions to ask yourself:
    Will you ever actually need to use thier customer service, do you get a lot of spam, how storage space do you need for your e-mail account, will you ever need to use their smtp to send your outgoing mail?

    If you haven't seen this link, it may help you to better decide:
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    Quote Originally Posted by airjoe
    Fusemail checks within a few minutes - my experience has been less than a minute typically. Works beautifully.
    Which Fusemail are you using??? Mine takes anywhwere from 1 minute to 5 hours to check my hotmail and then it doesn't always get the body of the message. And it tacks on a wonderfully annoying advert. I know I could pay to have the advert removed, but not if it's going to take up to 5 hours to get my mail...
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    Are you trying to do this with a free Yahoo account? You need to use the $19.99/year Yahoo plan which allows you to forward your Yahoo mail. Get that and the free Fastmail account.

    The free Fastmail will not allow you to use the Fastmail SMTP servers but you don't really need them. In Chatter you use the Yahoo SMTP and configure an alias in the Fastmail web client. That way mail you send from your Treo or the Fastmail web client will appear to come from Yahoo.
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    I forgot to add; this will allow Fastmail to push your Yahoo mail. I've been doing this for a few months and it's great! Mail shows up immediately on my Treo. You don't need to set Fastmail to "poll" your Yahoo account.
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    One last thing; make sure you are configuring an IMAP account in Snapper or Chatter, not a POP account.

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