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    Quote Originally Posted by ERicJ
    ...I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers from your new card, I hope you'll post.

    Well, here they are, and they are somewhat dissapointing:

    VFSMark Results 02/11/05

    Kingston 512MB Sandisk 1GB Extreme

    File Create: 30% 387%
    File Delete: 16% 189%
    File Write: 6% 170%
    File Read: 662% 692%
    File Seek: 907% 842%
    DB Export: 21% 218%
    DB Import: 476% 498%
    Record Access: 804% 738%
    Resource Access: 752% 768%

    VFSMark: 408 500

    The test ran significantly faster on the Sandisk than on the Kingston, so I dont get these results. I wonder if it could be a limitation of the software since it hasnt been updated in a while. I ran the test six times, and every time it ran a little bit faster. This were the results of the 3rd run. The six run had a VFSMark of 517.

    Is there any newer software out there to run some of these tests?
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    I'm not sure if it's "newer", but you can try CardSpeed.

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    Cardspeed gave me

    Wrt32bit: 453 bytes/sec
    Wrt8KB: 236165 bytes/sec
    Read8KB: 2912711 bytes/sec

    It is kinda weird to compare these against some of the faster Ultra IIs in the database. Makes no sense. An Ultra II with a VFSMark of 619 (the fastest of the bunch) has a Wrt8KB speed of 188592, while mine has 236165 and one with a VFMMark of 558 has a Wrt8KB speed of 514007 (HALF A MILLION).

    I can only say that the write speed difference is VERY noticeable - the pictures I take that save automatically to the card are almost instant - before I had to wait 2-3 seconds for them to write. Reading pics in the Media app is about the same, which is consistent with the VFS results. BackupBuddyVFS FLIES!!!! I can even do Checkpoint backups (when it backs up everything in a different directory from scratch) and its as fast as if it were just comparing files in my old card. I like it!!!
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