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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT
    Other suggestions...

    Have your ISP keep a copy of the mail in your Inbox....that way your desktop will still get all your mail.

    Also, I set up my SMTP profile to bcc a copy of all of my outgoing Chatter mail to my ISP address....that way I can sync up my SENT folder on my desktop by copying all emails from me to the Sent folder.
    Actually setup and IMAP account on my destop to access my FastMail account. This is the point of IMAP...Having the same email in multiple email clients. No POP needed.

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    Hey try using Aileron mail by Corsoft. It works good for more details visit

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    Quick Chatter E-Mail question: If I check the "Sync Messages" option is there any significant difference in the amount of battery usage?
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    There's no significant difference.

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    The problem with forwarding Gmail (or any other mail) to fastmail or fusemail is that you lose the ability to "reply to all"; right?
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    With G-mail at least, and I would assume with the other services you listed, you shouldn't lose the ability to reply to all. The forwarded message is just relayed so it should appear on the server it was forwarded to in its original form, i.e. all original recipients listed and hence the ability to reply to all.
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