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    Is there an launcher or app that lets you switch back and forth between two apps allowing you to return to an app in the exact same state as you left it? Example, I am in an email in Chatteremail and an email reminds me to create an appointment in the calendar. Once I am in the calendar, I forget the phone number and so I want to switch back to where I was in Chatteremail to copy the number and then switch back to where I was in the calendar (exactly in the appointment details) to enter it.

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    it's called pocket pc...
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    PalmOS does not have the ability to multitask. I've read that Cobalt is supposed to use threading to simulate multitasking that is avalable in PPC devices.

    I like PPC operation, but I have yet to find a PPC with a good integrated phone. The audio quality, volume, ringtones, speaker phones are all disappointing in my PPC6601.
    Luckily I don't have many resets like I had with the Treo650.
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    McPhling or Bulter both do this.

    McPhling does a better job letting you select the app - though stuff may not be in the exact state you left it. Its better than nothing.

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    Finally got McPhling to work - didn't realize I had to select palmone 5-way up instead of page up. Duh! Works like a charm now.
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