Hello All,

I installed shadowmite's Rom patch (worked great by the way) but I wanted re-install the ROM again because I had tested a lot of programs and realized they were taking space on the phone memory and I couldnt find a decent program to switch accurately between my SD card and the internal memory...anyway. I went ahead and did all this, but I am about to hot sync all my info back on and while browsing the Palmone folders found the backup folder with all the old junk I dont want to put back on the phone. I want to use my discretion and put what programs I want individually back on the phone. In this list of backup files I find wordview.prc , sheettogo.prc, Docstogo.prc etc...anyway, things I think I may need. I was going to simply just rename the backup folder so it doesnt dump this info back on, but I think i should put some of the previous listed programs.

Can anyone tell me what the right thing to do in this case would be? I really appreciate your help. Thanks