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    Does anyone have tips on using this software, I like how you can search for a street but it's so hard to read the screen. Is there a zoom in function?

    Or a way to isolate certain sections, I've got a map that's 10mi squared being shoehorned onto a visor screen!!

    I also can't get teal magnify to work with this program either.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Use the L&R arrow keys to zoom in or out; drag the section you want to review to the center of your screen; use the less/more keys to add/remove detail.

    It's not as sophisticated as HandyGPS, but it could help you locate a street or landmark.
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    Use the FIND button to find items. Not that it ONLY finds items that match the beginning of the word. In otherwords, a search for ELM will bring up ELM street, but not NORTH ELM street.

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    thanks, i figured it out, still not as detailed as i'd like but it gets you to the general spot.


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