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    Hi everyone, while im waiting for my unlocked 650


    i was wondering i have a 600 old side horizontal case and it fits the 600 and i like it alot.

    can i use this for the 650? or is the 650 a lot different in sizE?

    los angeles, ca
    tmo with unbranded unlocked treo 650
    coolest thing: bluetooth syncing and internet browsing!
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    yes it fits, I am using my old 600 side case with my 650
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    soccrnj80, do you happen to also have a Vaja iVolution case? If so, you would mind seeing if the Treo (while in the iVolution case) will also fit in your horizontal case? This may seem like an odd question, but given the Vaja case has no screen protection, I'd like to put it in the horizontal case when I'm not using it.

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    sorry I don't have a vaja.
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    Darn. I hope someone can answer this question. It makes me very nervous to carry the Treo w/o a case. And since PalmOne didn't include one with the 650, I need to buy one ASAP.

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