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    What is a good Expense Program out there for the Visor?? The other thing I am looking for is I already have an Expense Report in Excel already and would like it to fill it in.

    Any suggestions would be helpful..

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    The built in program is pretty good you should be able to configure it to your needs however if your looking for something different try ExpensePlus (you can find at it is more customizable then the built in app and can probably merge the data with your existing Excel spreadsheet without a great deal of difficulty.

    Moose Man

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    You say you can customize it, it is ok, but I really need to adjust the expense categories, I don't ever use the limo, but sure would be nice to have just a "Work" expense type, or the ability to have my own expense types. Whoever thought of those categories was kinda wacko if you ask me, great for travelling, but not for basic business.

    How do you adjust the expense types??
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    There is a new version of ExpensePlus v1.07 out now that solves the contrast problem and adds some new feaures. Great program for international travellers.


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