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    Just got my 650. Love it. However, after I loaded my apps on (I upgraded from a 600) I noticed that it took FOREVER on a soft-reset... I started troubleshooting, and found that it was the actnames (agendus) file that caused the 5 minute soft reset times, but only when my 4500 record calendar was loaded. So I can have my calendar with all my records (back to 1997) or I can have Agendus, but I can't have both.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    In response to my own post, I found this article quote interesting:

    although it relates to a different application, it leads me to believe that Agendus is still using the compatibility approach to access datebook / calendar entries. Hopefully they will address this soon. I will follow up if I get anything back from their tech support people.

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