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    Hi all,

    I just purchased the Cingular Treo 650 and am in need of protection. Like most of you, I love the look of the Vaja iVolution case. However, I cannot get past the lack of screen protection.

    My question: When the T650 is in the iVolution case, can it then fit inside one of the horizontal cases, such as the Covertec case or the PalmOne case? This way, my Treo could wear the iVolution, but I could protect the screen when I'm not using it.

    If someone has both cases (including Treo 600 users), I'd be grateful if you'd try it and post results.

    Thanks for all feedback,

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    A brief case is about the only horizontal case you'll be able to use with a i-volution. Seriously, the i-volution doesn't add a lot of bulk, but it is too big to use with the other Treo cases.
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    LOL. Thanks, MarkY.

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    i think that putting a vaja encased treo in another case is like getting a nice suit than always wearing a rain coat over it (i was gonna say ski jacket but that would really be exagerating). the beauty of the vaja case is that it offers some protection without taking too much away from the treo design. i still get tempted to go caseless and just rely on insurance.

    the holster style cases still leaves your treo exposed when it's out being used and makes you wear a dorky belt case. i'm dorky, but just not with my treo case btw. for example, after drinking only 1 beer/quarter during the superbowl, here i am on the treo message board. i like the metal cases, but don't like the door you have to open to type. i hated my black oem treo case. it didn't fit well and the button that straps the treo in can easily pop open. i probably would have gone with the flexiskin route had it been available when i was mulling over the vaja case. because the holster style cases are designed to be snug, even the flexskin might be too thick to stick in a holster. i went with the vaja and treo-insurance-$5/mo combo. i also have applied the treo-in-the-left-pocket-keys-and-change-always-in-the-right-pocket rule.,
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    I agree, the Vaja is a beauty of a case. I've put all of my previous PDAs in Vaja cases. However, keeping the Treo snug in my pockets won't work for me. I will carry it, along with a bunch of other stuff (wallet, iRiver, travel mouse) in my laptop bag and I just fear I'll be careless one day and damage the screen. If I could stick the Treo+i-volution in another case during travel to and from work, I could enjoy the Vaja case without worry.

    Perhaps there is a different pouch case (not one specifically for the Treo) that can accommodate the Treo + i-volution.

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