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    I have 2409 Address records and 2408 Contact records on my Treo 650. I have 2408 records in Outlook which I Hotsync to.

    Anyone have ideas on what the extra one is? I had a situation yesterday where I lost all of the PIM info on the Treo so I did a Hotsync where I copied everything from ther desktop to the phone for the PIM items.

    Why I lost everything is another issue that is very strange...the only think I can think of is that I started Ourlook while the Hotsync was running.
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    Got it...according to P1 Support, the Address dataset always has one more record than the Contact dataset because this has the built-in Voice Mail record unique to the new devices. My wife's Tungsten E also has two datasets but the same number of records are in each. On my Tungsten T, I only have the Address dataset as this is the older version of PIM.

    I still cannot fiugure out though why I lost ALL of my PIM data yesterday during a Hotsync. I thought it was because I started Outlook while the Hotsync was running but the guy at P1 said it is due to some 3rd party software I have (figures he would say that!).

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