Whilst on skiing holiday we put all our gear in the clothes washer at 50degC with one wash, 2 rinses and a fast spin...... and in went the T270 as well.

Came out dead looking, with lots of condensation.

Sim card swapped to an old Nokia and I nearly chucked the T270 in the bin. Then the wife said put it on the AGA (always on oil fired cast iron cooker) for a while and see what would happen. Nothing after a week. Then just thought that I would plug in the charger for fun and BINGO after 2 mins it worked!

1/2 hr later after cleaning up the Sim card contacts of remaining clothes washer detergent, and doing a sync with laptop it is nearly fine, some lines missing on the display but who can complain.

The only down side is that I now have lost my excuse to guy a GSM T650 version when available in the UK. Will have to give her my old T270 I guess!