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    I have been using ExpensePlus for the Palm OS for several months now. It uses grayscale icons to facilitate entry of expense items. When I loaded it onto my Visor Deluxe, the screen washed out to display the graphics at a very light shade of gray - almost unreadable. Otherwise, the program worked fine. Then when I exited the program I discovered that I had to adjust the contrast back to a readable level.

    I talked with tech support for the program and they indicated that the Handspring modifications to the Palm OS were the source of the problem. "It's actually a bug in Handspring's patch to the Palm OS. 100% compatible means that the code is 100% identical. It is not. The Handspring's patch to the OS actually MOVES the contrast bar when launching a gray scale application." They promised a soon-to-come revision to their software to account for the bug.

    I thought I would pass this along in case some other folks were having the same problem with grayscale apps. I would suggest contacting the tech support staff for the program in question and notifying them of the problem.
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    I am seeing a similar problem with the game Dragon Bane. It is unplayable because all of the greyscale is completely washed out.
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    After using ImageIII to view a greyscale map, I had to do a SOFT RESET before my display would look normal again! Adjusting the contrast didn't seem to be enough.

    Anyone else experience similar problems?
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    I reported my problem to Handspring tech support last week. The person I talked with had not heard of this problem with grayscale apps and was appreciative of my report. He suggested it might be a problem with the screen on my Visor Deluxe. I received a replacement just yesterday. I loaded ExpensePlus on it to see if it was indeed a software or hardware problem. The programmer with Walletware (the makers of ExpensePlus) was right - it is a software problem. The brand new Visor Deluxe did the exact same thing as my first unit. The screen washed out to an almost unreadable level of contrast when running the grayscale app. When I closed the program the contrast on my unit had to be adjusted to restore it to a readable level.

    I would suggest that anyone having problems with a grayscale program report it to the maker of the problem app. The problem isn't with the app per se. The problem is with the bug in the Handspring version of the Palm OS and the app needs to be revised to take the bug into account.

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    Absolutely, I have noticed the same problem in grayscale apps. I downloaded FlickerFixDA from PalmGear and it fixes it, although I have to increase the contrast before using it and decrease it afterwards. At least it makes the grayscale readable!

    I disagree with the previous post; every software writer should not have to work around a bug in Handspring's Palm OS 3.1h. Handspring should issue a patch. Whether or not the will is another matter...

    MJH <><

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    I have to add something here just in case. There is a chance it may not be handsprings OS patches . What I mean is a lot of times people write software that wrights directly to the video screen or standard memory. This is fine a lot of times, but isn't "officially" supported. Maybe Handsprings OS patches are just fine and break those apps but the OS is still by spec for that one. I have the palm pilot software emulator and when I try to run certain games and apps it gives me errors explaining that this game or app may not run in future versions of the OS due to direct rights to memory or screen addresses etc… They say contact the author of the software.

    Programmers sometimes bypass proper programming specs for speed or other reasons and that could be the problem. Handspring may just be the future version OS not supported. As a matter of fact some apps won't run in the software emulator but run fine on the Visor. That does not mean it is "correctly" written.

    Then again I have no idea what Handspring has done to the OS I admit there may be (very good chance) problems. I just wanted to point out that *sometimes* it is just bad programming.

    Also I have problems in several games and apps with the gray scale problem. It is weird as some even get darker when pressing the stylus on the screen like it is a lose screen or something. It cannot be that though as the screen is just fine for all other applications. The nostreak hachmaster hack seems to fix some of them. I hope it isn’t totally HS’s fault and if it is I hope they can offer a hack/patch for the OS to fix it. Should be easy enough I would think.

    The Visor is early days and as time goes on programmers (including HS) will see the faults and patch their software. I am sure there will be a tone of cool stuff and fixes and hacks coming up as programmers learn the Visor and do all kinds of cool things

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    Update on ImageViewerIII problem I mentioned earlier: There is now a "new" version (3.2ae) available that specifically addresses the Visor greyscale problem. It works great!

    V3.3 is the current release for other Palm units.
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    As I understand it, there is no real provision in the 3.x API's for more colours; most anything you do breaks standards.

    So perhaps it all depends on how the standards are broken. Until I hear otherwise, I have a hard time calling it a "Visor bug".

    Problem is, I don't know what a washed out screen looks like! I run MahJongg, Avantgo Mapquest and AlbumToGo, and they all represent greyscale images (either four or sixteen shades) in an acceptible way, minus a bit of greyscale flicker. I really don't know if they could be better, as they're at least better than my Psion Series 5's 16-shade display. Maybe I just don't know what I'm missing, or perhaps these apps "do it" in a way that is fine with the Visor.

    Can someone else confirm?

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    There is a new version of ExpensePlus v1.07 out now that solves the contrast problem and adds some new feaures. Great program for international travellers.


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