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    Sorry for the newbie question - just bought a 600 from Verizon and was surprised to see there is no email application included. Any suggestions for an app to access and manage emails from a work POP account? Thanks.
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    You can use "mail" for POP access. It comes with your treo.
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    Actually, mail does NOT come on the Treo when bought through Verizon - hard as that may be to believe. That's why I am asking for help in finding a suitable app. I would have been happy to use whatever generic program it had, if it had come loaded with one.
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    What kind of email do you have now? If you have POP then a lot of people use Snappermail. If you have IMAP then I recommend Chatter. Search for threads on both.
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    MG44, sorry I didn't know that Verizon Treo 600 doesn't have mail. If you only need POP3, VersaMail is cheaper. Or you can try Chatter and Agendus Mail. Personally, I prefer SnapperMail which costs about $45.
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    Hey try for Aileron email from Corsoft Corporation

    Visit and download it.

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    Do you use Aileron? It looks pretty solid. How stable is it and will it work on a Verizon network? Shouldn't matter right.

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    Thank you - downloaded the trial version of Snappermail and it worked like a charm! Problem solved! Now I just need to figure out which version to purchase.
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    Did you get the trial version directly from their site?
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    Yes, trial version downloaded from their site. And I had a question about getting it set up which was answered quickly and thoroughly by support through email.

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