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    Hey guys,
    I run an iBook G3, and I use Palm Desktop as my main PIM, because Entourage is really slow on my machine.

    Is there a way I can synchronize my PALM DESKTOP AND APPLE ADDRESSBOOK at the same time?

    I like using Palm Desktop, but want the systemwide availability of the APPLE ADDRESSBOOK. I don't use APPLE ADDRESS as my main PIM because it doesn't have MEMOPAD, and SEPARATE TO DO LIST ON iCal, which I require.
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    the answer to the first part is NO.
    You can use iCal and AddressBook for events and addresses and PalmDesktop for Memo's only. This solution works fine. Not sure what you mean about "Separate TO DO list in iCal. You can click on the push pin icon at the bottom and view the TO DO's in a list in iCal.
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    when I say seperate to do list, I use my to do list to organize my calls and web surfing, when I'm at my computer, I only want to see my to do list for my web surfing activities, and NOT my to do list for making phone calls(different categories).

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