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    I use Treo 600 and Palm Desktop. I got exactly 20,075 records in my Calendar (since 1998) and when I passed 20,000 some days ago it started to give me problems, such as showing to do list in calendar withougt wanting, resets, etc. Seems 20,000 is limit. Anybody knows?

    1. Is there any way to handle many, more than 20,000, events in Calendar or other (3rd party) software?

    2. If not, I guess I have to purge my Calendar. I tried purging in my Palm since I want events since at least jan 1 2001, but when clicking OK in Palm, it resets and nothing happens. Have tried several times, different dates, options, etc. What can I do? (Using Palm Desktop is not a good idea since longest option is "1 month".)

    Thank you so much, any input is VERY valuable to me!

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