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    I am in the UK. I have a Treo 600 on the Orange network. Today I downloaded and tried to install the 1.12 Updater and it's all gone horribly wrong. All of my contacts, diary information and notes have disappeared along with 3rd. party software such as Sol Free and Pocket Tunes. I'm unable to find the file ROW 1.12 Updater.prc which I'm supposed to delete and so each time I HotSync I get the 1.12 Updater installed all over again. At one point I had an alarm go off and a message stated that I needed HotSync 4.1 to proceed and I have 3.1. I tried to download it and I have the Palm Desktop Installer sat on my Mac desktop but each time I try to install it I get a message stating System Error Access Denied. I'm very distraught as I had all of my work and social information on my Treo 600. Does anyone know what I can do? Would Missing Sync help?
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    Short version as I'm running out of the house, but you seem very distraught, so...

    1) When you update the firmware in your Palm, ALL your data and programs are removed, and a hard reset is performed (whether you do it yourself or not). That's why they tell you to make sure everything is backed up before you update.

    2) The backup you need is on your Mac, in the following path:


    The ~ is your home folder.

    3) You say that every time you HotSync the 1.12 Updater is installed on your Palm, so I assume that you are able to HotSync. The actual 1.12 Updater prc file is in one of the folders inside the {yourPalmUsername} folder I point out above. If you move it from where it is to the desktop, the HotSync software won't load it into your Palm every time you HotSync.

    4) The Palm Desktop Installer 4.1 has a problem with a LOT of Mac users. It has to do with a possible permissions error in a folder on your Mac, and less than steller programming in the Palm Desktop Installer. There is a tech note on the PalmOne site about this. As I recall, what is says is that you should run the Mac Utility "Disk Utility" on your Mac, and tell it to repair permissions on your Mac hard drive (on your startup volume, if you have more than one volume). Then make sure you're logged in as an administrative user (your normal login account is probably an administrative account, even if you don't know what that is) and run the Palm Desktop Installer 4.1.

    5) You should probably make a backup of the {yourPalmUsername} folder before you do anything else.

    Bill S

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