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    I know there's been some discussion of this, but no definitive answer has arisen. I'm trying to find out if Shadowmite's DUN patch works on the Cingular 650, and if it subject to the same limitations as the Sprint patch, i.e., you must turn off DUN (and bluetooth itself?) before turning off the phone.

    Clean, hassle-free DUN is my main reason for ordering an unlocked 650. But if it is working better on the Cingular phones than it did on Sprint phones, I might be able to save a few bucks and go with Cingular. Thanks.
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    I tried it on my Cingular T650 and could not get it to install. Said syncronization failed.
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    I installed it and it made Bluetooth unusable. I had to do a hard reset to remove it.
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    i would *really* like to see a DUN patch surface for the Cingular-branded models sometime soon... is there an alternative to using BT for DUN, a USB cable connection or something..?
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    UH... hello, shadowmite already released the DUN patch for Cingular Treos!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    UH... hello, shadowmite already released the DUN patch for Cingular Treos!!
    Yes, but does it have the same problems as the Sprint patch. That's what I'm trying to get at. I'm basically looking at a $250 premium for non-buggy DUN. I'm trying to determine how buggy the Cingular version is.

    Gilliland: while you had it installed were you able to turn the phone app on/off w/o disabling DUN? Or did doing so force you to soft reset?
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    I don't remember looking at that specifically. The problem I had was that once the patch was installed, I could no longer go into "Setup Devices". Whenever I selected it, the phone rebooted. So I could run Bluetooth, but I couldn't configure any devices to use it! There may have also been some flaky behavior around stopping and starting the phone, but I didn't make note of it at the time.

    So I don't think it has "the same" problems as the Sprint patch, I think it has more and/or more severe problems than the Sprint patch.

    There is one issue that no one has really looked at - which version of the Cingular phone is the patch intended for? The "Orange" version or the "Blue"? My T650 is the "Blue" version - it is locked to the AT&T side of Cingular. Perhaps the patch works better on the Orange version?

    BTW, for me the premium to buy the unlocked, full-DUN version of the T650 would have been at least $350. I think I'd rather spend $35 for a copy of PDANet instead.

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