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    Subsequent to my previous posting above, today, my Treo did hang and it was because of SharkMsg 1.3. Goodbye Shark... Goodbye Ludus...

    I did find out why it locked-up: I was on a call and I received a second call, that I ignored. Result: SharkMsg popped-up (it shouldn't). Then, when I completed the call, the screen went blank, with the SharkMsg pop-up obstructing all efforts to switch the Treo on.

    I called myself from another phone and when the screen lit-up, I dismissed the SharkMsg window.

    I did not have to reset the device as I was patient and not in a hurry and there was nobody standing over my shoulder.
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    [strike]I couldn't find SysTool anywhere[/strike]. On, it led to which no longer exists. And MTDN has never heard of it.

    Oh. But in checking further, Handango doesn't have it but Palmgear does. Amusingly enough, google thought I meant systole and offered me medical software off to the write.
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    Here is SysTool on freewarepalm:

    FileZ also has a Preferences viewer that has functionality that is identical to that of SysTool.
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