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    I am anxiously awaiting the cradle for the T650 as I have my phone at my desk and need it to be sitting upright! We've released this on Sprint, now Cingular and the rest of the work and the freakin' cradle still isn't available!

    Any ideas on when this little gem will make it to market?
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    I hear ya! Been a Palm user since 1997 and never been without a cradle before,!

    In the mean time, I have been searching high and low for a desk cradle just to hold the phone upright at my desk and have been unable to find anything that fits the Treo...

    It seems like there would be some sort of easle or cradle for a mobile phone while it is sitting on your desk out there, I keep looking, but not finding one.

    Found some for mobile phones, but the Treo is too wide to fit...besides one was a gay-*** green, pink or blue lucite see-thru hand and the other was a clear acrylic soccer ball...neither fit my office's style.

    Anyone know of a cradle, easle or some sort of holder for my phone until the cradle comes out? Link please.
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    Use a cradle for the Tungsten T5. Same connector.
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    LOL, it'll probably become available shortly after the first BIG update...which will make it incompatible with the cradle.

    (joking here.....before the flames start) A little dark treo humor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Q
    Use a cradle for the Tungsten T5. Same connector.
    First, it doesn't appear to be in stock yet at PalmOne either, second when I searched for one that was in stock elsewhere, I found the music cradle in stock at Office Depot, seems to have a different shape for the handheld.

    I know the connector is the same, but you have to look at this one to see what I mean, I don't think it would hold the Treo 650 upright. I would like to try one and see though, going to see if the local Office Depot has them in stock.

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    any luck with the T5 cradle?
    Former long term user of the Treo line, then on to the HTC 8125/8525. Now I have graduated to the iPhone. For the first time since getting my first Treo 600, I am not constantly scanning the web looking for a better converged device.
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    As a matter of fact, on the way home from work today I stopped by my local CompUSA that had the T|5 cradle in stock. The fine young sales drone was happy to open one up and let me have a go...

    NoGo...sadly; although the connector is indeed the same as we all know. The offset of the connector to the back of the machine is much deeper then on the T|5 and the back of the Treo keeps the connector from mating with the cradle.

    It could probably be made to fit with a dremel as there seems to be enough material there to shave off and make it fit. I am not to that point of desperation yet though so I passed.

    Plus, there was no telling that it would sync. In my experience (Palm user since 1997 with a lot of upgrading) even though the connectors are the same there is no guarranty that it will sync. Recent case in point was my T|C. It had the universal connector, but one of my cables that I had would sync and charge, the other would connect but not sync, even though using the universal connector it should have worked....

    So, I was not in the $50 gambling mood and I am sure my wife would not have understood me dremeling away at a brand new $50 piece of plastic, then have it not work....

    Still waiting....
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    For what it's worth...

    Ingram Micro (big technology wholesaler) now says that the earliest availability date for the cradle is March 11. (Previously, they said Janaury 1. Then when that date passed, they said January 27. Now they say March 11. Not terribly reliable, to say the least.)

    This is ridiculous. I have owned a bunch of Palms and Treos, but they are making it very hard for me to remain loyal.

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