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    I just received my BVD and decided Avantgo would be cool for offline browsing etc. When I loaded directions from Mapquest, I get the text portion but no map. What's up with that? It looks like there is a bitmap icon on the screen but does nothing. Do I need to load some kind of graphics program?
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    I had the same problem. What you need to do is go into the form's manager of avantgo and tab on the results link. That will get you your map.
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    I tried that. In the forms manager, the only line there says, "No Form Submissions"
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    I know you don't need a graphics program. The bitmap icon is there if there's not enough room on your visor to have all that information. I think there's a 100k limit on each page, and when it exceeds it, the graphics are the first ones that go. Input it again and try again. Since you are connected you shouldn't get no results.
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    I think that is all you get, when you get directions.

    You need to use tyhe get map feature.

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    I get the same thing on my GVDx with AvantGo on the Mapquest channel. I entered a map for Folsom, CA, synched and then opened Mapquest. I get text to request a map or directions, and stupid icon on the top left corner (I assume this is the image (??)).

    I cleared the cache & resynched...still failed.
    Cleared the forms & resynched..still failed
    Removed the channel, resynched and readded...still fails.

    I have 1.6mb of used memory, a USB connection to a Win2000 notebook which is connected to a high bandwidth LAN. What am I missing?
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    To Google:
    You are missing MapBlast !
    Mapquest never worked well on my visor, try Mapblast !
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    Unfortunately Mapblast does not appear to suport international (specifically UK) driving directions in it's Pocket Mapblast, so I'm going to have to use MapQuest.

    But when I've sync'ed a MapQuest map, and then go to the Forms Manager I get 'No forms to display'

    Any suggestions?
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    for those in the states...

    download all you need and only install those you require on the's VERY detailed. (zooming, find feature for streets, businesses, etc. and it's free!)

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