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    After five hours of conversations with Sprint CS reps this week, none of whom graduated from high school or has ever seen or heard of a Treo 650, I finally stumbled into the hidden room where they keep the Knowledgeable and Trained Reps. (There are two of them.)

    I won't reveal his/her/its name, but he/she/it told me, after giving me a full 140 minutes of solid assistance, "Always tell the monkeys immediately that you need Tier 2 email/pda help. That gets you to people like me every time."

    Can anyone tell me:

    1. Is there a good program which will allow me to dial by voice? What is it? Where do I get it?

    2. Is there a way to use my 650 for GPS/nav that's highly functional?

    3. How do I track a post like this one once I've posted it? It seems like "subscribe" is the trick, but I've used it and I don't see the posts I'm trying to track in any prominent place when I enter the site.

    Thanks very much,
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    Well, I found no knowledgeable people in Sprint Tier 2 that knew anything about my PPC6601. So, I rely on the knowledge of people online forums to get me through some issues.

    While I often talk bad about Sprint CS, I can't exclude Cingular. With Cingular, 4 hours on the phone and I ended up with the equivalent of Tier2, called "data support" who said:

    "If you're connecting to the internet I can't make your phone go any faster. That's just the way the internet works."

    Since when does the Internet work at 2~5kbps?
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    1. Voicesignal, it's on PalmOne's or Palmsource's website, so you should be able to get 20% off.

    2. I've heard TomTom GPS works well, but I have no experience with it.

    3. I just look for the little black dot next to the thread. It's quick and painless.
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    subscribing to a thread just means that you'll get an email anytime there's a new post. It can be useful, although you run the risk of getting deluged with email if you've subscribed to multiple active threads.
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    on this forum, if there's a little blue check mark next to the title, you have posted in that section. That's how I keep track....
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    Yeah, I've long since learned to go to Tier 2. There used to be a phone list with cool numbers to connect you directly to them.

    Actually, I have since moved up to tier 3 people because i'm too much for tier 2.

    Those with Masters Degree's in CDMA troubleshooting get let out of their cage to help me. Unfortunately, without direct call numbers it takes repeating and typing my name and account and phone number about 10 times. Sometimes the Tier 1 robots can't do anything but their program.
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    Did she really refer to them as "monkeys?" I'm not disagreeing in the least, but I'd be quite amused to hear a Sprint person say it.
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    There have been several posts in the past about tier 2 support and how to reach them. Here's their direct number:


    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $it$ $should$ $still$ $work$.

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