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    Once icons have been set to "manual" sort and organized to my satisfaction, is there any way to lock them in the order that they are in? Occasionally I tap an icon to open a program and accidentally move the icon slightly and it ends up changing the order of them. Is there a "Disable Drag & Drop" option anywhere? It seems like there should be one but I can't find it and it's getting a bit annoying.
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    You use your stylus???
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    Sometimes, other times I use my fingernails but I don't know how that's relevent to the question. It's just that when I quickly tap an icon (either with stylus or finger) apparently it sometimes slides just ever so slightly on the screen and that icon thinks I'm trying to move it instead of open it. It doesn't happen every time but enough to be an annoyance.

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    You use your stylus???
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    On the topic of ZLauncher: I've installed it on my Treo 650 and then I installed Documents to Go. How do I identify all the DTG files and do I need to create a folder on the SD Card to put them in or do they just get dumped on the card along with all the Audio files I have on it? If I have to create folder on the SD card how I do that?

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