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    I am trying to download Real Player for my Treo 600. Every time I try to download it, I always get the .exe version, which doesn't help me because I am on a Mac. Does anyone know where I could find the .prc file or the .sit folder that I could just install onto it using Missing Sync?

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    Man I had the same problem. I dug a little on 'The Net' and pulled it up. I have not installed on my 600 yet! I'll try to get the link again. Or if I could attach the 325 KB file; then I would do that. Here it is:

    Post your results when you get it running. Try live 365 for streams of .'ram' files. I curious to what port that runs through.
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    thanks for writing back, unfortunately it still doesn't work on my treo, it comes back with an error. I will give it another try when I get back.
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    dose anyone know where i can download real player for my treo 600?? just got it and i was told that with an SD card and the real player program i would be able to listin to music anyone know where i can go? Thanks
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    RealPlayer Web site, it says for the 600, but I have used it on my 650 and 700P without issue.

    Gone looking for the link. . .
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    how i can make calls from my palm treo 600?
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    how i can make calls from my palm treo 600?
    If it's GSM ..

    otherwise the appropriate guide for your phone.

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