Just a comment here. I noticed how everyone is all hyped up that the Treo 650 GSM has EDGE. Some people talk about other phones' lack of EDGE as "off their list". That's cool, I'm into the "features" thing

But I just checked the Cingular data map (since Cingular seems to the the Treo 650 company of choice around here) and, to be honest, there aren't too many areas where EDGE is even available. Even the "coming soon" areas aren't too many. Unless you live in a "top ten" city or in the Tennessee Valley area, EDGE coverage is a little thin.

Cingular GPRS/EDGE Map:


So I guess my question is, is EDGE really that important for most of you right now? I'm guessing that by the time EDGE gets as widespread as Verizon's and Sprint's own high speed networks are now, the next Treo will be out.

Anyway, just a thought.