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    I've had a problem either in Beyond Contacts or in Outlook (I've never been sure which) where recurring all day events, like holidays and people's birthdays, appear as multiple entries, spanning two days, and starting at 3 AM. The reason that I am unsure which program is causing the problem is because once the duplicated or triplicated entries appear in one program, after a HotSync they're in the other. I haven't experimented enough to identify which is the chicken and which is the egg.

    Anyway, when I'm bored, I will occasionally go through my BC calendar and delete the extra entries. I was doing that today, when the Treo 650 suddenly rebooted after maybe 10-15 changes. When it came back up, most (not all) of the deletions were back. I started again, got a bit farther, and then reboot. Once again, some deletions stayed deleted, others didn't. I had always thought that this information was "live" in memory, and once you deleted it, it was gone. Apparently, this is not the case.

    Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem, and do you have a remedy?
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    the remedy is to switch to Agendus.


    BC is ripe with all sort of quirks.
    Plus, when their proprietary datastores corrupt (which they do), it's game over.

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