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    Hi everyone

    I am the proud new owner of a 650, and am trying to figure out all of my mail options. I have read through the threads that apply to email this morning, but am still a bit confused as to what I should use. I am hoping some of you pros out there can help.

    I have an Exchange 2003 server at my office, and was very excited about using versamail to access my email. I have had nothing but trouble installing it, and during my troubleshooting of that problem, I have seen that in order to use versamail I have to also sync my outlook calendar (exchange). I don't want to do that, because I use another db app with a calendar to sync with my 650. I just want to be able to sync my mail (inbox only is fine) with my exchange server, but not my calendar. I am the only treo user, so we don't need an enterprise solution. I would like to be able to have a preference to get the last 25 messages or something like that, so if I have not synchronized in while, and just want to see what I have received in the last few hours, I don't have to wait forever. I would also like it to sync any messages I send on the treo to Exchange. I have read about goodlink and some of the others, but it is just not clear to me.

    I hope this is not a tall order, and am very appreciative for any help anyone can provide!


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    ChatterEmail will keep your mailboxes sync'ed in real-time. You can use it on a trial basis for 30 days free...

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    Thanks for the tip. I got chatter working today, after a bit of a struggle to understand imap and after opening a port on the firewall, and then VOILA! My mail poured in to my treo. It really is an amazing software, and CHEAP!!

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    There is a forum here on Treocentral for Chatter users (if you're needing assistance), and also one at You can send me email for questions, etc. at

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    If you wanted to do IMAP you can use VersaMail for FREE. It supports server side date filtering which you can set to 1 day if you like ( VM menu, Preferences, Delivery Options ). You can also choose to get unread only, as well as headers only if you like. Just a FREE option you may want to look at.
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    You Chattermail is good, but kept draining my battery and re-set every lilttle while. SnapperMail is also 30 days, and hasn't failed me yet. Versalmail is also good, but works when it wants to. I'll stick with Snapper.
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    I am also setting up my new 650 and trying to figure out Versamail w/ Yahoo. I have a pop account and think I have everything set accordingly, but can't get my 650/Versamail to connect. I have th incoming mail server set to the pop, and outgoing set to smtp, Incoming using port 110, outgoing 25. It signs on OK, but hangs at the "connecting to mail server" window and then eventually I get the "unable to coonect to the " - please verify our server name"

    Anybody know what I might be doing wrong?

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