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    I installed c spot run a long time ago, but when my visor erased i had to reinstall.

    There's a program out there that made it so that when you right click on a text file, one of the options was "Make into Pilot Doc"
    and then it installed instantly (or close to it)

    anyone know what that program is and where i get it?
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    I have a prog on my PC that is called "MakeDocW 0.71" (for Windoze98). I do not remember where I got it...
    Try this link:

    hope this helps,

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    Thanks, but this isnt quite the one i was looking at.

    it was nice, cuz i could right click on the file, and there would be an option to convert to pilot doc. no need for dialogue boxes.

    gerumble. i hate not being abole to find it.
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    Maybe try for it at PalmGear
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    It's called DocInOut. I'm not sure where you can find it (probably the usual places.) if you can't find it email and i'll send you a copy.

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    I use DocInOut also. Great tool.

    The problem is that whoever wrote it has pulled his link from circulation. I got it from CESINC when I bought SmartDoc, and have kind of been distributing it "at will". I think that it is a great program, and easy to use. It also allows instantaneous installation on Palm devices by double clicking the file.

    Very handy, easy to use. But no longer in public distribution.


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    Well, Hoser_in_USA, can i get your copy?


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