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    I know there is another thread here for the Sena case, but that is for the one with the leather flap covering the screen. I just received my Leatherskin case and am very impressed. The fit is perfect with all buttons accessible and all cut-outs are very well aligned. Does not add any bulk to the 650 and provides a better grip. I am very pleased with the case, excellent craftmenship! I think I'll wait on the i-volution now.
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    Any chance that you can post a couple of pics?
    I think I'm ready to order this one but would like to see pics that are real. The main pic on their site with the 650 looks airbrushed.

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    Interested to see as well, this may be the case I go with...
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    Anyone has user's photos about this leatherskin case on 650? What I see from their web site, the design of the same case for 600 is much more the metal belt-clip button instead of plastic, the logo of 'sena' in the back, etc.

    I'm interest for the blue leatherskin..but also thinking about the kursell classic cut-out for a better protection on the corners and keyboard.
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    Would like to see this as well. Flip cases are definitely not for me and am choosing between this case and the Bellagio case, neither of which TC has reviewed
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