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    Is there any such thing as a Bluetooth Wireless Access Point? In other words, can I tap into my home/office network and thus the broadband connection via bluetooth? Since 802.11 isn't an option on the 650 at this point, I thought this might be another possibility.
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    Most PC Bluetooth adapters let you share the internet connection with your PC (this is covered in other threads search for "reverse DUN").
    I have two one for home and one for the office. When I get to the office, I just set my Network setting to my Bluetooth connection at work, when I go home i just set it to home. In between I'm on SprintPCS Vision.
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    I just got one of these Belkin Bluetooth wireless network access points today.
    It works with the Treo 650! I was only skeptical because PalmOne's web site specifically says the Treo 650 does not work with bluetooth wireless access points. Well it does in fact work, P1 must just be taking the position that they don't want to support it or admit it works.

    Install one of these Belkin WAPs and you can use it for internet access on the Treo 650 just as if it were WiFi. It has an advertised range of 100 meters but I have yet to test that out yet.
    It's (almost) a WiFi solution for the Treo 650. Of course I'd rather have real WiFi so I caould use public access points, but this a good do-it-yourself solution and does the job for at home and at work for me. It's also very small so it's theoretically portable if you want to take it with you (to say a hotel room.)

    I've also set up a bluetooth adapter on my PC to do the same thing (aka reverse DUN) but I was looking for a solution (this one) to run with my PC off.

    The only downside using this WAP vs. the USB adapter on my PC using 'reverse DUN' is that the Belkin WAP is not as fast. I need to do a little more testing to really compare.
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    Question for taylorh:

    How do Blazer and Versamail (or any browser and email client) know which network connection (GPRS or Bluetooth) you want to use? Is it just a matter of turning Bluetooth on/off? Or do you set a default connection somewhere?

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    You need to set up a new 'connection' and a new network profile to use it.

    Got to the 'prefs' panel and select 'connection'

    Create a new connection with:
    Name: (pick one)
    Connect to: Local Network
    Via: Bluetooth
    Device: (your AP name). It should pull up the bluetooth finder so you can pick it.

    Next to 'network'
    Select 'menu' and 'new'
    Connect to: (select your new connection to the bluetooth)
    Name & Passwrd: (no set). I haven't needed to use these with my setups.
    Under [details] you may want to select a timeout. If I stay out ot of range I need to disconnect/reconnect, this just reduces that need by auto disconnecting.

    That's it. Under the network details you can also select to fallback to GPRS if you want it to automatically connect to GPRS if you're out of range of the bluetooth.

    One more note. The Belkin AP works quite well. But it has a lousy range. I can't seem to get it to work well past about 20 feet in my house which admittedly even Wifi has a terrible propigation here. The Belkin has an advertised range of 100 Meters, but I'm getting closer to 6-10 meters.
    I have a "CompUSA" bluetooth USB adapter ($30) with advertised 150 meter range. I use this on my PC with network sharing (aka Reverse DUN,) it's just like setting up your own AP. I have excellent range and speed with this one, I highly recommend it. It's also sold under the brand name "Zoom." It's the only one with a flip up external antenna. It covers the entire floor of my building at work and my entire house. The reason I got the Belkin AP is so I would have a bluetooth network access point without having the PC on.
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