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    Where can I buy insurance for my 650? Will they cover lost phones? What about dropped phones? Do they replace with refurbished units or new units?

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    I just signed a 2 year contract with sprint and they offer insurance on the treo, I am paying 5.00 s month.
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    I've got the same thing going with sprint. when i activated the treo on saturday, i asked the rep whether i needed to do anything to move my existing coverage on my old sanyo 8100 to the treo. he said it would be automatically updated once they moved the number over to the new phone. i've read here that the same company won't insure the phone on other networks (like cingular), but my contract with sprint definitely says the insurance covers it. otherwise, i would think if you had homeowners insurance or renters insurance, that it would be covered. where you might run into a problem there is the amount of your deductible.
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    Yes, LockLine via Sprint PCS. Always had it, always worked great!
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    Another option is as an add-on thru your homeowner's insurance.
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    State Farm offers insurance for "things". I'm not sure how much it is exactly, but I will know more tomorrow once I talk to them. I'll post on my findings.

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    State Farm offers seperate coverage for such items. I spoke with my State Farm rep and he is going to send me some info on it.

    He did say that adding coverage through my homeowners policy is possible but very risky. In other words claiming a $600 dollar loss can have some very negative impact on your standings with them concerning your homeowners policy.
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    In fact, the reason I mentioned this was because I have coverage thru my State Farm homeowner's. I went to State Farm when T-mobile and Lockline state unequivocably that they would not offer me coverage for any price. This was perhaps 6 months ago. My State Farm rep has made no mention of any risks. We have some jewelry insured this way also. Just got the annual premium notification. Our coverage is an annual premium of about $1 per $107 of coverage. So annual coverage for a $600 Treo is about $6. This is for loss for any reason. I am by no means in love with State Farm, but this seems to be a good deal. I am sure there a many variables in the premium calculation so your mileage may vary.
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    I found out the hard way with Sprint that on a new phone and new activation that you must sign up for the insurance in the first 30 days of getting the phone. After that, they will not sell you the insurance. (At least this is the deal on a national account.)
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    I didn't know that Lockline had upped their rates to $5 a month plus $50 deductable. I just got a T650 and called Sprint about the insurance. When they told me the new rate I told them "no" in hopes of finding a better deal elsewhere.

    I will not be putting my T650 on my homeowner's policy. I just don't think that is a good idea. But I could do a seperate policy if the rate looks good. Has anyone got a seperate insurance policy for their T650? And at what rate?

    I know for a seperate policy on jewelry the rate is about 1% a year of the value of the policy.

    With Lockline 1 year of insurance is 10% of the value of the device! (That's before the deductable if you invoke the policy.)

    Any other suggestions for insurance/protection coverage are welcome.

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