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    Where can I find a good one?

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    Try noah, its free and not bad (though at the moment english only I think). Has whole bunch of different sized word databases (including one which is 5Mb!!!)

    Alternatively did see some thing on handspring's web site about a websters spring board dictionary, but no release date yet:

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, I belive this will work just fine.

    I will probably buy the webster module but this will work till I can do that.

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    I'm not complaining by any means, but my first PDA was a Casio Zoomer and it already had a dictionary built in along with other great applications, including a measurement converter and a forms converter. Granted the Zoomer was a slow machine but it came with all these things built in and then some. It would be nice to have the speed and transformation of the Visor with some of the applications of the Zoomer. I do realize, however, that programs can be added to the Palm OS, but if I installed this entire dictionary all my memory would vanish. A SB dictionary would be nice, but that is yet another device to tote.
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    fwiw, there's a program called thesaurus which has a 16,000 word database. no definitions, but synonyms can help in a pinch. i'm waiting for the webster, but i have thesaurus (in order to spellcheck) and i like it.

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    I downloaded thesaurus as well, its a good program but I have wordsleuth thesaurus that came with my gotype! keyboard (actually it seems like the same program as thesaurus).

    By the way I really like the noah dictionary, the option to download 3 different sizes is great for us "memory challenged". I got the middle sized one.

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    If you need to do measurement conversions, the Visor's advanced calculator does that really well.

    I don't recall seeing anything on their site touting that feature before I got my Visor, but it's really nice.

    Even does stuff like teaspoons, pints, etc.

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