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    Can I put Contact, Calendar events and tasks on SD Card to save internal memory???
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    Yes if you use a 3rd party application Contacts app that supports SD card use.

    Or use a utility that moves/runs applications such as Powerun.
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    I'm not sure powerrun will help here. These apps are in ROM, and the apps themselves can't be moved to the SD card. At least ZLauncher won't do it. And ZLauncher doesn't seem to have a way to move a database to the SD card without also moving the app. Will PowerRun let you move a database alone, without the associated app?

    BUT! Giving this a little more thought, there is a way to fake it using ZLauncher. PowerRun should be similar. I've only tested this with the Memo app, but it should work with the other built in apps.

    Just remember that the larger the database, the slower accessing it from the card is going to be. And if you move the Contacts database, I don't know what effect it might have on the phone app. I suspect that if you move the contacts database that other apps that link to it (like Datebk5+) won't be able to find it. And that if you move the calendar database, the phone app probably won't be able to show an appointment on it's main screen. So proceed at your own risk.

    First, make sure you've got a complete backup of all of these files. Hotsync to your desktop and, if you're using the Palm Desktop, export all of the databases as a second backup.

    Second, using a file manager like FileZ, copy all of the ROM files associated with one of the apps to your SD card. It doesn't matter where on the SD card, as long as you can find them, and you don't need to copy the database, just the ROM components.

    Third, using the file manager, edit the attributes of the copies so they're not copy protected or read-only.

    Fourth, copy the files back to the PalmCard (internal memory). If you check your launcher, you'll now see two copies of the app. Figure out which is the ROM copy, and move the icon to a category you won't normally use, or hide it in some other way. In Zlauncher, the ROM copy has a little "bug" (actually it's supposed to be a memory chip) next to the icon.

    Fifth, use Zlauncher to move the app (the copy you made, not the original) to the Card, and tell it to move the databases, too.

    Voila! The database, and the copy of the application you made, now reside on the SD card. In my case, it saved me a resounding 7K of RAM when not in use. (My memos database is 15K, but ZLauncher created an 8K stub in RAM, to locate the moved file I guess.)

    If your memo file or ToDo list is very large, this might be worth while. Personally, I woldn't move the calendar or contacts databases. I think they're tied into too many other apps, and instability could be the result. As I said, try it at your own risk.
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    Thanks Guys!!

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