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    I used the to unlock my Orange UK treo 600 for use in Switzerland. But now the way the touchscreen reacts is about 1cm to the right of every object.

    I tried to recalibrate it however, whenever it touched the centre of the blue targets, it was missing and I went round and again. I could not recalibrate it so I did a soft reset. Tried again & same result ... So, I did a HARD reset, and ended up in the recalibrate screen again, stuck, unless I cheated and hit 1cm to the RIGH of the last target, which worked! But this skewed the accuracy of the stylus for ecevry object -

    I Love the stylus :-( How can I fix ma wee Treo ? Any ideas ?
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    I don't see how the unlock would affect the digitizer. Have you tried the rtick to remove any possible dust from between the case and the digitizer screen? Carefully run the edge of a business card around the edge of the screen, just under the case edge, to dislodge any dust bits that might be stuck there.

    May not work, but it's worth a try.

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