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    I don't know if it is just me but on my Treo 650's camera I can't seem to take a good lighting picture on medium lighting places with white backgrounds. It seems to go by the background than by the person. I've taken many pictures of my son in white backgrounds and he comes too dark on the pictures while the background is fine. I wonder if there is a way to fix this. Maybe a hack or a better camera application with more settings.

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    Anybody? Is it really just me?

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    As a part itme photographer, white backgrounds are difficult for a $2,000 camera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    As a part itme photographer, white backgrounds are difficult for a $2,000 camera.
    Come on cglauna, if we ask for some manual controls on the lighting, are we asking for too much? If the old Sony Clies use to do it, why can't the Treo 650 do it.

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    I also think the images that the camera produces are way too dark.
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    The only way to defeat a very light background on a fixed focus - fixed exposure camera is to move in closer and eliminate the light background. Fill as much of the frame as you can with the subject. Sometimes angling the camera a slight different way will alter the light sensors perception of the light levels and give you a better exposure also.
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    My thoughts- It's a phone. Not a camera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro869
    My thoughts- It's a phone. Not a camera.
    My thoughts - there is a camera in it. Would be great if I could use it better.
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    Alter the images in a program outside the camera. Or maybe there is software to alter the images inside the camera, I don't know.
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    maybe shadowmite could help out on this one? or any of the other developers? i definitely wouldn't mind paying for a program that could enchance our picture quality by a little.
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    Yep, too bad we can't adjust the lighting for indoor shots. The camera on the 650 is improved but without a flash our only hope besides trying to angle or restart the camera is a app.

    Any developers interested?
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    I must be getting complacent - considering the poor images captured by the T600, I thought I was in heaven when I saw the improvement of the T650 images. When I do need to take pictures with clarity, that's when I break out my trusty high megapixel digital camera. BTW - Some folks have turned the blurred and darkened images into an art form as witnessed by some of the camera phone photograph galleries on the web. Lately I'm actually kind of diggin' the low res pictures, but I guess that's me.
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    Just wondering if anyone has come up with a solution to the underexposed (dark) photos from the Camera? I am just about to call Palm and see if this is just the result of manufacturing tolerances (some work great, others don't quite) and maybe get a replacement...

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