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    I installed a new Seidio G2100M car kit for my Treo 650 several days ago. Having now had several days using it I can recommend it. I used the air conditioner vent bracket for the cradle. I have it connected to my car stereo via an auxiliary audio input adapter installed in my glove box by the dealer. The sound from mp3's played with Pocket Tunes is excellent and hands free voice quality on both ends is also great. The only issues so far are how to hide the microphone cord and removing the Treo from the cradle is a bit tough. It fits very tight. No room for additional case etc around the treo. I think this kit is a good choice for power users who spend a significant amount of time in the car and want to use the Treo safely while driving. Just my opinions of course
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    I just got my G2100M, thinking about hardwiring it, Seidio claims I can just wire it into the 12v directly but I'm afraid that would fry the phone. How do you connect yours to the car power?
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    Then again, you thought OU would win the Orange Bowl, didn't you? ;-) <jk>

    Now to serious matters, I bought the Seidio hands free set up for my Treo 270 and hated it. It fell apart, fed back and was a complete waste of money. I hope our experience differs.
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    I received my car kit last week and was very disappointed with one fact. I cannot use my Bluetooth headset (jabra 2500) with the phone in the kit. Otherwise I would have to use the speakerphone. So, I just removed the part of the adaptor that goes into the headset jack and now it is an expensive but secure powered car mount.

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