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    How annoying! Hehe...I'm glad he finally got a Treo truthfully. He'd' been eyeing my 600 for a little while and he bought an MPx200 when it first came out but has also carried around a Palm organizer in his briefcase because he never bothered to sync the MPx200 with Outlook.

    Interestingly though, I played with it a little bit today and I'm not sure if I want it anymore. I kinda prefer the OS on my 6315 (though it isn't a reliable device) and may prefer to sell it to get an iMate Jam or Eten M500.
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    Looks like your father does not like to be fully converged.

    I'm trying to unconverge now after experiencing the Treo650 and PPC6601. The phone portion in these devices is at the mercy of the PDA resetting and having fits. After I get all my contacts in the Moto v551 I may buy an HP or Dell Axim to take care of my PIM and apps. Time to call Sprint again to return that PPC6601

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