Just got the Treo 650 and don't know much about it -- so---

Wanted to add a new ringtone so I found a midi that I had been using in my SE T616 and Nokia 6620.

Sent it to the 650 by Bluetooth. It got there and I accepted the transfer.

Went to the sounds files to change the ringers and it wasn't there.

Have an inkling that I have to do something else to add ringtones, but have no idea what it is.


1. What do I have to do? Should I just use the phone's recorder to get them out of iTunes?
2. Are there programs I have to add?

3. Where is the file I accepted> If I can't use it I might as well delete it. But, I can't find it.

4. Is there something I can read to learn how to do this? The Treo manual isn't very good on it.