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    While at my friendly Cingular corporate store today I picked up a sales brochure Cingular MEdia. You can tell I was bored while waiting I actually read some fine print:

    Media Net: MEdia Net is not the equivalent to landline Internet. Only select sites accessible through a mobile connection are available. You are restricted from using a home page other than the Cingular home page. Media Net is billed by total volume data sent and received (in kilobytes.) ………
    Say what? I can't use without getting billed by the kilobyte??? LOL

    ………….If you switch your phone connection from GPRS to CSD you will be billed airtime in one-minute increments……..
    BT DUN phone home. How do they know?

    ……..MEdia packages are not available on PDA devices or RIM devices…………
    Ah ha! So, if you use a Treo650, SX66, Blackberry by simply swapping SIM cards will they detect your true device and bill you $10,000 a month for camping out at TreoCentral?
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    MEdia Net is a different plan from MEdia Works. MEdia Net is metered after an initial set of free data transfers, MEdia Works is unlimited (or at least it was).

    The issue of Cingular detecting various devices has been debated thoroughly in other threads. Do a search and I'm sure you'll find them. But the only definitive answer will come from Cingular themselves.

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