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    This is the situation! I want to scan documents into my computer. Then transfer them to Word 2000. After that download them to the handspring to view when I need the information, instead of carrying around all this paper in my brief case. What is the best document reader out there that will do this job?
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    I do this a lot, and use two great programs, depending on my requirements at the time. Documents to Go retains a lot of the Word formating, including tables. It also works with Excel. You end up with very readable documents.

    Palmdocs is a Word add-in. You click a menu in Word and it creates a document that can be read with any of the doc reader prograsms. I use Smart doc which lets me edit the document on my PDA. I can edit, save it back to the PC, and bring the edited document back into Word for further polish.
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    I also use Palmdocs and Smartdoc for editing and creating documents. I've heard good things about Documents to go, but the price was a little steep for my needs. I also use Smart doc as my ebook reader, so it's great for what I need.
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    For your purposes, minimum file size and the ability to place bookmarks might be useful; and this would favor iSilo and its PC based conversion utility iSiloWeb. From Word 2000 you could save in either HTML (if you want a formatted document and/or hot links) or plain text (for the minimum in file size) file formats, and run the conversion through iSiloWeb (this can be automated from within Word with InstallBuddy). iSilo is $12.50, iSiloWeb is free, and InstallBuddy is $29.95.

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