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    I must have missed this in the manual but by accident I just figured out how to re-dial with my Treo 650

    When on the phone the phone button once - and a list of last calls is the phone button again - and it dials the last number called... so in essence two clicks on the phone button and it redials

    Sorry if everyone already knew this
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    I used to be able to do this but with all of my 3rd party apps I lost the ability. I tried to figure out which app was causing it but I gave up...
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    Tiffanny, thanks, i did not know how to do it.
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    Tiff- most excellent tip!
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    Even easier, but not necessarily faster: Press and hold the green phone key. However, if you've been around the boards, you've probably seen references to long wait times before the phone dials; this seems to be one of those places as well.
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