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    Anyone remeber how to remove your info from the phone.

    I am selling my Treo 600 on Ebay and I did a Hard Reset to remove the data but it leaves my name and phone number under the Phone info.

    Anyone know how to remove this.

    If there is a tread on this already please direct me that way . I did a search with key words "Sell Phone" "Phone Info" but couldnt find anything.

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    You need to do a Battery Reset ,

    1. Do Hard Reset

    2. Configure the Treo

    3. Now Do a Reset and hold the down button

    4. Wait for 1-day just leave the Treo somewhere

    5. Next day ,everything is gone , totaly gone.........Just Recharge it back and you are set
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    Thank you
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    I did it and left it with no power for 2 days Sunday-Tuesday night .

    Recharged it and it still has my phone number and info on it.

    ANy other way to remove this stuff.
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    Do you have your SIM card in it?
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    Its a Sprint phone. No SIM Card.

    I called sprint and they me that my there is no way to remove it until the new owner activates it. It need to be reprogramed . The name , number and sprint info comes from them when you turn the sprint service on and is not located directly in the phone according to them.
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    Ahhhh. It was worth the asking.

    Similar theory though, the information gets "pushed" to the phone when it gets turned on.

    Can't you have Sprint deactivate the phone? I would think if you transfered your account to another phone, the old one would cease to be "on" the account. *shrugs*
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    I figured that too and may call again tomorrow to see what answer I get this time.
    Woman said they cant do anything until new owner activates it.

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