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    If you're like me ( if you're reading this chances are you are ), you've done a lot of research and played with a lot of gadgets...I'm curious why in the end you choose the Treo as your smartphone? Did you ever switch to another device and eventually switch back to the Treo? What other smartphones have you tried?
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    mda II and it blows!
    carrying 2 batteries everyday? oh boy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MFizzel
    If you're like me ( if you're reading this chances are you are ), you've done a lot of research and played with a lot of gadgets...I'm curious why in the end you choose the Treo as your smartphone? Did you ever switch to another device and eventually switch back to the Treo? What other smartphones have you tried?

    Form factor
    Software options
    Keyboard (SSH, Email)
    Stylus (VNC mouse)
    Resolution (VNC, Blazer)

    I had been using a blackberry for 3 years. During that time I had always kept two devices. The phone and the blackberry, even though the blackberry has a phone built in. We all know the phones in the blackberry line up suck.

    Anyways, the only thing holding me back from a all-in-one device was the push mail support the blackberry gave me. Now that chatter email works like a champ, I gave up my v600 and my Blackbery 7290.
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    Had a Treo 300 and loved it. Moved up to the Treo 650 and love it.

    I had some problems when I first got the 650 (software related) but once I got it all stabalized I have had no troubles at all.

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    I had one of the original Us Robotics Palm Pilot Personals back in like 1998. I always liked the PalmOS. I wish I had been lucky enough to be into PDAs and gadgets when the Newton was in town. I guess I wasn't geek enough.

    Years later, I was one of the first group of people to get to play with the Danger Sidecrap. . err, I mean kick. It was a freakin' amazing device and spoiled me on the keyboard and interface. But the closed platform and poor bild-quality turned me off of that. I needed a phone and got a Nokia 3650 which served me pretty well until it got a little banged up and I got frustrated with not having a keyboard that lived up to the Hiptop (Sidekick).

    I'm now working in an extremely fast-paced Network Security job where I'm going to need to be online 24/7 in some cases. The prospect of being able to SSH into my servers or do actual REAL work from my phone became a real requirement.

    I remembered my Palm Pilot days and thought that the addition of the keyboard would do the trick. So that's where I'm ending up.
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    I had a Nokia 6800 that I loved. Full Querty keyboard, but the screen was tiny and it didn't have EDGE or Bluetooth. So when the 6620 came out, I got that one. That gave me a bigger screen, EDGE, and Bluetooth, but no keyboard. Now along comes the 650 with an even bigger screen, full keyboard, EDGE, Bluetooth - seemed like a no brainer. I've still got a lot to learn about it, and there are a few things that I need to see fixed, but this phone seems to come closer to the ideal than any other that I've encountered.
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    Moved from a Palm Tungsten C and a Sanyo mobile phone. Seemed the best blend of technology for my needs.
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    I chose the T650 because PalmOne was hounding me with daily emails of how wonderful it is. I wanted a new PalmOs because my Keyocera7135 had Palm 4.1

    I found out after selling my Kyocera 7135 that I really miss that sucker The phone itself was really solid. If I could upgrade the OS, I would have kept it.
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    I've been a loyal Palm user for 8 years, dating back to the original Pilot. I have tried going over to the "dark side" (Windoze) but always kept coming back because of the simplicity, efficiency and ease of use of the basic PIM apps of the palm. What good is playing movies on your PDA if the Contacts application sucks?

    Fast forward to a year ago, as a Tungsten T3 user I discovered the Blackberry. Oh boy, I LOVED IT. Having push email anywhere I went was BEAUTIFUL. However, the PIM applications kinda sucked, and there was very little 3rd party support for some apps I use, like eReader, Convert, LoanPro, etc. So I was carrying 2 devices for a while, and the Tungsten seemed to be left behind more often than not.

    So, the Treo is the BEST of both worlds. A little skimpy on the memory, and the lack of Graffiti is annoying (even with Graffiti Anywhere it uses Graffiti2, which is the spawn of the devil), but overall I think the Treo 650 is the best combination PDA/phone on the market today.
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    form, integration, ease of use.
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    1.Palm OS
    Have gone to the Dark side (Pocket PC) a couple times took them back in less than a week, Palm OS cant be beat for a Portable OS. Sometime wish there were a Desktop version for some of the users in My Company

    2.Form Factor
    Very well layed out for one handed operation, after getting used to it You forget about the stylus.
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    I have been using the palm os smartphone since the samsung I300. I moved to an I330, then a treo 600, and now treo 650. Over the course of these phones they have all had there quirks and resets. But when you use alot of third party software you just have to expect this given the limitations of the palm platform. All in all though I wouldnt trade my palm smartphone for anything. I can watch a movie on a plane, listen to mp3's, send and recieve email, instant message, keep an up to date planner, and many other great features. I guess it boils down to what you will use your treo for and how much patience you have. I believe over time you will see a much nicer treo when they release some of the treos with cobalt. We will have to just wait and see and hope things get better. In the end all of use treo users have these great message boards and each other.
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    I wanted a more powerful PDA to replace my SonyTG50 because of its nonstandard APIs and the ridiculous cost of Memory Sticks. The 650 seemed like the best combination of features and was being offered with the right discounts. The phone was just gravy, but the unlimited wireless internet is just too cool, and I couldn't be happier.

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    The palm os makes the integration between looking up contacts and dialing seemless. I love that I can with one hand, turn it on, start typing a name then hit dial. I just works.
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    Because I''m stupid I guess.

    Why did I pick the 300 or 600 treo? -> runs PALM OS, is a phone, email, etc. It does more than ANYTHING it's size.

    The 650 however, is a paperweight with a cool looking screen.
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    Well I have stuck with Handspring products for all PDA's that I have had for better or for worst... Just look at my signature. But the Treo 180 was the best of what was around in my price range back them ($100). I couldn't resist the Color screen of the 270 then so i picked it up off ebay. Then with the $400 upgrade offer for the Treo 600 I was not going to pass that up. And with the $350 offer from V|C I was deffently getting the 650 GSM. All my fellow nerd friends with their Crackberrys and other smart phones are always amazed by what I can do with my Treo. I give credit to the Palm OS and the Engineers of Handspring.

    Iím a lucky man to count on both hands
    The ones I love..

    Visor Pro -> Visor Edge -> Treo 180 -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> T|T2+SE T68i -> Treo 600 -> T-Mobile MDA -> Treo 755p -> Treo 800w -> Treo 755p -> PALM PRE -> Palm Pre 2 -> HP Palm Pre 3

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    Short answer...because I need mobile email and phone, but I don't want to carry two devices. And, I prefer the Palm OS by far over PPC and Blackberry.

    Long answer....My first PDA was a Visor Edge...and my first cell phone was a Visor Prism with a visorphone springboard attachment.

    I tried the first generation Treo 180, but I went through three units due to defective clamshell hinges...and finally ended up with a Treo 270, which worked well for quite awhile.

    I skipped the Treo 600 generation because of the low resolution screen. But I was always impressed with the speed and resolution of the Tungsten devices...and the Treo 650 seemed to finally offer the perfect all-in-one experience in a nice form factor and good application performance.

    The best things about the Treo are:
    - nice form factor
    - simple but powerful as a phone (integration with contacts)
    - runs the Palm OS, so I can chose among lots of third party software
    - blackberry-like push email and calendar via Sprint BC
    - expansion slot

    Basically, every cell phone I've every owned up until now has been a Handspring/Palm device, and I just can't see being satisfied with anything else.
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    my history of smartphones went like this
    jan 04/feb 04 - Nokia 3600...very cool but i got fed up of the plastic feel of it
    April 04/ - Purchased a RIM BB 7280...did not like it
    April 04 (about 4 days later) - Purchased a Treo 600
    Loved my treo 600
    November 04 - Purchased RIM 7100r
    January 3rd - Went back to treo..7100r was ticking me off
    February 2nd - purchased unlocked treo 650...and now i wait
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    The year was 1993 - My boss was a gadget person, I was the IT manager and he asked me to order an Apple Newton for him. 4 weeks after he had the Newton, he tossed it to me and said the technology was too immature. I played with the Newton and it had potential, but wasn't ready for our needs. Fast forward, 1998 - I needed some form of organizer to keep track and organize my professional life. The 2 main OS competing with each other where Palm and Windows CE. I went the CE route at the time, a Philips Nino. As time marched on, I had more and more gadgets I needed to carry for work. Pager, CellPhone, Laptop. I became gadget man, but the weight and burden was getting heavy. Meanwhile, my quest for an all in one device that's small and efficient begins. The CE cell phones are a novel idea, but CE itself is not robust enough & the current breed of Palm phone devices are still in the first few generations. 2004 - The company starts using blackberry devices to increase communications in the organization. I start investigating the Treo 600. Seems to be the best choice for what I've been waiting for, but I know a newer version is around the corner. I wait 7 months for the release of the 650.

    I finally get the 650 and it's amazing. I can vpn in to our corporate network, I can ssh and manage the 1000's of servers we have, respond to e-mail with outlook, browse the net. I can now manage our corporate network from literally anywhere I have sprint pcs service. In meetings someone has an issue I can resolve it right there and then. I made the switch from Windows PDA (last version I had was PPC 2003) device to Palm for it's stability and smaller footprint. Besides, I would never trust a PPC device to handle a phone

    IMHO - The Treo 650 is the best productivity portable device made to date. This is a powerful device capable of increasing productivity and simplifying our lives. I can't wait for the next generation, I hope Palm continues forward.

    ** the opinions expressed are simply that, just opinions and personal experience of mine. Your own mileage may very **
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    Great post...I share many of your thoughts. Been to the dark side and back a couple of times. I love the simplicity and usability of the Palm OS, and the hardware design of Treo is second to none. Of course, TC is another great to go with T650.
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