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    This is my first PDA, and my second cell. Needed the features that the 650 provides in an all in one unit, first time I saw that in a QWERTY keyboard small form factor package. BT/GPS apps, sync ability with calendar and tasks, and E-mail/web capability. The Pocket PC units are too big right now. Next gen (next year or so) will be better, I am open to other OS's next time. I noticed some portion of my PC use is replaced by capabilities of the 650, time-saver for sure, all the little things add up to make it totally worth it.
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    The 650 was an obvious choice after trying the 6601. The 650 has it problems (minor), but the 6601 is the biggest POS that I've ever used. The 650 looks divine in comparison.
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    my first smartphone (first PDA, too) and second cell phone

    what hooked me?


    then when i looked into smartphones more, i liked the fact that palm has been doing PDAs for a heck of a lot longer than the other guys, blackberry has some criticisms (i just feel they have some maturing to do - within the next couple years they should be real players) and PPC has some probs as well (same thing - give'm a couple more years - maybe more)

    now that i have it?

    wow - its great!

    more than i expected

    very pleased w/ sprint, also
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    What is swaying me (I haven't actually laid down any cash yet)?

    OS. Love that Palm. Currenbtly have a Windows Smartphone. Hate it.
    Integration. Full, real PDA plus Phone. Great stuff.
    Possible e-mail. This depends upon corporate support or Blackberry client for Palm. I think it will happen. I have research to do to see if I will be able to use e-mail (must use MAPI, not IMAP or POP).
    320x320 resolution.

    What is keeping me away?

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    1. Form Factor: I don't have to flip the phone open to see the screen, or flip it to typeon the keyboard.

    2. Palm OS: Almost everything can be done with one hand..which makes for a really usable device. Simple but very smart interface.. they thought of almost everything PIM wise and it is more straight forward than PocketPC.

    3. No compromises: good keyboard, bluetooth, SD card, removeable battery, awesome screen, good battery life, good software, decent size, jeez what else can you ask for.
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    Oh and here are the other things I have used for organization:

    HP Jornada -> Color Sidekick -> Sony T610 -> Motorola A630
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    Blue tooth, camera, movies, mp3, internet browsing, modem for laptop, keyboard, syncing with outlook, acceptable size, palm, solution to world hunger, and helps me get women.
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