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    Wondering if anyone has had any experience with AOLMail and the Visor with modem. Are they compatible? Going through springboard rather than serial port, is there any problem accessing the service with the Palm software?


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    go to keyword anywhere
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    Installed AOL Anywhere for a friend on his Visor Deluxe w/ Handspring Modem.

    Roll-off-a-log easy. Follow the advice in the above posting and you're on your way.



    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    So let me get this right. For someone like me who's only ISP connection is through AOL, the ONLY thing I can do with AOL and my Handspring modem, is to use AOL Anywhere to get AOL email.

    And there is NO way I can use AOL to surf the web, right? The only way to surf the web is to sign up for another ISP (free or not) and use AvantGo, etc., right?

    So basically, it sucks to be me, huh?

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    Right, you can only use AOL mail to get AOL mail. No web surfing.

    Right, you need another ISP to do the web surfing.

    Right, once you get the other ISp you can use avantgo to web browse, but it isn't youronly option. Proxiweb is another free browser.

    Right, it does ....


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    Try, they have a fairly large number of access numbers. I believe FreeWWWeb is the only free service that will work with the Visor because it does not require banner displays/clicks.

    With a normal ISP there is also an Instant Messenger available that will let oyu talk to people using AOL/AIM.

    -Matthew Nichols
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    Felipe, thanks for being brutally honest with me.

    Matt, thanks for the info. I will look into it and perhaps finally take the plunge and get a modem.
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    Does anyone know why you can't sync AOL email without using a modem, like you can with many other ISPs?
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    AOL is an online service not an ISP. They, as of now, dont support Pop3 or IMAP.

    They have said they would support IMap, but that was several years ago.

    Their other Service, CompuServe 2000, does support IMAP so AOL should be able to (they even had a beta test) but doesn't.

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    Thanks, Felipe. I confess that I still don't understand the technical differentiation but I do get that they ain't what I need.

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