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    Okay so i thought i could play a 36MB .rm file with realplayer but it wont play (its a south park episode).

    Now i finally got MMplayer to work (quasai) , and i was able to play an extremely low grade quality 3MB .mpeg of south park. Last week i tried playing a 100MB .avi spongebob episode, and spit back an error of it being too big. Then i tried a 100MB Family guy episode today, and well it gave an error balloon with funky symbols which dont make words, or it was just blank

    okay what am i doing wrong,

    PS: oh yeah i got that K one as well, and well i could understand how to work it at all...oy im a n00b here
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    hofo, what are using to convert the files? For mpeg you can either use Kinoma 3 (you'll have to pay for kinoma player 3) or a bunch of various convertors like virtualdub etc. PocketDivx Encoder is free and requires MMplayer to play divx. I've ripped vids to 240x320 and they look great on mmplayer. Then there is also PocketDVD Studio for ripping DVD's to your palm...

    Finally, I haven't played around with it much yet, but the builtin movie player can also playback mpeg files afaikafaikafaik...
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    now i got everything working perfectly...time to encode some family guy and spongebob

    and now i need to buy the software..

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