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    What are some good Palm OS apps?
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    I've found the most useful apps to be the Big Ones:

    --JOT--lets you write on the whole screen, and thus improves recognition. Choice of using Graffiti or the JOT system (the latter is slightly better, but if you've learned Grafitti, it's not worth the effort to relearn)

    --AvantGo---a web browser. Lets you download great web sites like NY Times, Fox Sports, citysearch, weather, mapquest, to your Visor.

    --TealDoc--lets you turn your visor into an e-book reader. Just think, with AvantGo and Teal Doc you have your newspaper and a book to read--all in your hand.

    I also like Launch'em, an app that adds some procedural facelifts to the Visor. Then there are some games like ZAP. If you have special interests, you can get a Paris Metro guide, Paris City Guide, etc.
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    iSilo- It can read doc files and it's own proprietary format files. The free converters included can be used to convert html or text into iSilo, including images. iSilo files are also smaller than doc files.

    TealLaunch- allows you to specify apps to be launched when you press and hold the hardware buttons, also lets you pop up a launcher of frequently used programs. Very handy. (requires hackmaster)
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    There's tons of great stuff:
    AvantGo (already mentioned, but worth repeating).
    Vindigo - a cool restaurant/entertainment guide to New York City.
    Mapopolis - great mapping program.
    Strip - not what it sounds like, it stores your passwords.
    ShopList - what it sounds like, but you can make checklists for lots of stuff.
    MobileDBLite - free database readers - also get MobileDBPC, a free PC program to make & edit databases.
    Runtime - see where your battery money goes

    Any of the many freebies you can download, enjoy, and delete if you don't want anymore!
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    If you want to minimize problems with new software, do check this site's incompatibility list -

    For organizing your thoughts on the fly (as well as meeting notes), an outliner is a must. I like ThoughtMill due to the efficiency of its interface. It makes it very easy to move sections (even if nested) with a drag and drop (even if where you want to drop the section is not on the screen). The only downside to Palm OS outliners (all of them) is the complete absence of a conduit for getting your outlines into Word with the outline intact.
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    I have to add some negative comments about Vindigo. Through Avantgo you can get some pretty nice City Guides from Citysearch or Snapshot (I like Snapshot better). Vindigo is too much. It takes up a lot of space and has too much information. Snapshot, for instance, tells you an array of nice restaurants in different categories. Vindigo gives you hundreds--if not thousands. So I go to NYC for a weekend (which I often do) --do I really need to know every last restaurant in a 400 yard radius? Most of which I couldn't care less about. Without some effort to cull data into something useable, the amount of data becomes worthless. Snapshot gives me theater listings, museum showings, lets me scroll a couple of weeks ahead--in short, a snapshot of what's happening and is good currently. I don't need every last hat store in NYC>
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    First, I love this type of thread because I almost always learn about an app I have not tried or heard about!

    Datebook3 -- I live my life by this app, although Action Names is becoming another favorite.

    SuperNames -- Recently added to my collection, a nice change from Address+ or Action Names.

    BrainForest -- Perfect for keeping my business plan and action plans, as well as organizing my goals/strategies.

    ToDo+ -- Quick way to enter to do's in a hurry that don't necessarily involve including contact names (i.e. p/up kids @ ballfield, buy mulch, etc.)

    HandDbase -- Excellent Database format, also use the PC version.

    Silver Screen -- Am still looking for that perfect launcher, but I do like this app the best so far. Great graphics and interface.

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    If you plan to travel to Japan with your Visor or Palm OS device, I recommend the following. Great resource to carry around, especially if you're not fluent in Japanese. It's an AvantGo based app. See the main site for handheld setup instructions. 7400 word Japanese-English dictionary. They also carry several other languages.

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    Datebook 4. It's just outstanding. Highly suggested, even at the $25 price.
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    TextPlus is the most useful app I have. It is an intelligent wordfill program that substantially increases the speed of data input and thus it feasible for me to utilize my Visor for a broader range of uses, like taking notes. If I had to go back to entering every letter or number by hand I would go crazy. After that the most useful apps for me are Action Names, because of the ability to link the to-do list with the phone list; pedit,which makes it easier for me to create and edit large memos; and BugMe, which helps me capture fleeting thoughts of things that I need to do.
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    I forgot to list another great app: BrainForest is a tremendous tool for organizing. I use it all the time for organizing lengthy memos, subject matter outlines, project outlines and checklists.

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