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    Are there easier complete Shadowmite rom install instructions? I tried following the instructions from his site. I took the patch I wanted and took the prc files in his zip file and transferred them to my sd card. I tried following the directions but didn't get it right, I know I probably did something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    What part are you getting stuck on? The instructions on his site can't get much clearer..

    These are the directions you're following, right?
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    hmm just noticed this on his site.....

    2/5 - I'm getting tired of keeping up with this, I'm leaving for awhile. I might be back.
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    ok, I am doing this now on my powerbook instead of my pc and it seems alot easier, there are 2 folders palm and rom. When I did this on my pc there was a bunch of zip files, and other files, I wasn't sure wjere to put the other files. Don't mean to sound so stupid,lol. I am doing this now, will let ya know how it goes.
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    thanx, it is now flashing my rom, and I just saw hard reset my device
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    Thanx, it worked. Things are so much easier on a Mac I swear. I got so many more files from the same rom when I downloaded it onto my pc, doing it with my powerbook worked just like Shadowmite's directions, verbatim. Thanks SHadowmite.
    Thanks Joebar for posting this when you did, I was on my powerbook and decided to give it one more shot, and it worked
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    No prob.... Think what you may have did on the pc was not check the box in your unzip program to extract to directories. Instead of palm and rom, they all went into one folder.

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