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    I' planning to buy a Treo 650 soon... I read a few postings regarding the voice quality of treo with sprint.... can someone tell me if the jittering problem exists or not.

    btw, I tested the treo 650 in a local sprint store and I was very impressed with the overall quality and features (i not happy that is does not have WiF).
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    My sound quality wasn't that great, until I updated the software using Shadowmite's voice quality patch. The voice quality is great now.
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    heberman, thx for the info ... where can i get the patch ?

    also, has anyone used the WiFi patch (from Shadowmite) ?
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    I also just got a sprint treo 650, I tried shadowmites instructions but didn't do it right. I put the prc files in the folder on my card, I tried, I didn't want to mess it up though. Any easier complete instructions on how to do this?

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